The most asked questions and their answers about SolidPod

The most asked questions and their answers about SolidPod

Hi, this is Paddy. When the first time you heard our SolidPod, you may have a lot of questions, and here are some of the most asked questions and the answers!

1.Q: Is SolidPod requires external power?

   A: In most of the case, our SolidPod does not require any external power and compatible with an SSD up to 2 TB, but we do have noticed that sometimes, Canon C200 will not able to record on a 2TB SSD without the external power, and that is because of the design of the camera, at this moment there isn't anything we can do.

So if you own a C200, you may want to use a 1TB SSD for safety. And for other cameras, please test it when you receive our product, before shooting your 5 hours long podcast.

2.Q: Is this XXX SSD compatible with SolidPod?

   A: Here are some basic rules that help you to choose the SSD for your SolidPod:
     1. SolidPod only compatible with SATA SSDs, you can not put an NVMe SSD in it.
     2. We only recommend Samsung EVo850/860 SSD now. 
     3. For mSATA SSDs, there aren't many choices on the market now, disassemble a Samsung T5 might be the best choice, check this about the details:

3.Q: Can I get a higher speed when downloading the footage with a CFast reader to my computer by using a faster SSD?

   A: The only reason limited the W/R speed when using a CFast reader is that CFast port, it limits the speed to about 550m/s.

4.Q: What's the difference between the M.2 version and the mSATA version of SolidPod?

   A: The only reason you want an mSATA version SolidPod, besides you already own a Samsung T5, is that you will able to swap SSDs when using an mSATA version SolidPod.

In other cases, we will recommend our M.2 version SolidPod, and you may want to have multiple SolidPods in case of something.

If you have any other concerns, feel free to contact us via online chat or send a email from this website.


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