Regarding the recent delayed shipment (2021-06)

Update 10-07-2021: SolidPod orders will be shipped soon, starting this Friday, all the remaining orders will be fulfilled in the following days. 

Update 10-03-2021: We are waiting for DHL to deliver the 5th package, we will be able to ship your SolidPod order once it's been delivered, you can click here to check the status.( We have contacted DHL but they refused to let us pick the package by ourselves) 

Update 09-29-2021:We are very sorry for the delay again, the customs seized the packages and just released, 4 of the 5 packages, and one is still being seized( we don't know which one is being seized yet).

When the packages arrive (likely Thursday, Sep 29th), we will start shipping them to you. But if the one package that is still in the customs is the SolidPod itself, we will still have to wait for it( the other packages are packaging and marketing materials, not absolutely necessary for shipping the orders ).

Thanks so much for the understanding, hope we can get all package soon.

Update 09-21-2021:The products were handed to DHL, they were supposed to deliver the products this week but delayed, now:

Estimated Delivery Date
September 24, 2021 - By End of Day

We will start shipping out products as soon as we receive them from DHL.

Update 09-12-2021: A small amount of the product has been shipped out last week. A big batch of SolidPods will arrive this coming week and we should be able to fulfill every remaining orders. 

Update 09-02-2021: The Issue has been solved and the next batch of the product will be shipped to the US by Monday Sep 6th. 

Update 08-20-2021: The production has paused again as one of the processes was causing a quality issue(Insufficient Wetting), we do not want our customers to receive defective products, so the fulfillment will be paused for up to 10 days to investigate and solve the problem! 

Update 08-02-2021: To make sure we can fulfill the orders as soon as possible, we will ship a batch of the product from China to the US this weekend in bulk, then we will pack and ship it from Orlando. Some customers could get the package as early as next week. Most of the remaining orders should be shipped in mid-August. 

Update 07-31-2021: The production is ongoing! Take a look at the updated design of the new SolidPod!


Update 07-27-2021: The design has passed the smoke testing, and we start assembling a few units to test on actual cameras, this will take 2-3 days. If no problem occurred, we will be able to start ship out packages!

Update 07-23-2021: The testing of the new design is almost finished, we start resuming the production of the parts. It will take 5-8 days before we can start shipping out packages.

Update 07-08-2021: We have made and shipped a small amount of the products, but the problem is a key component (a Ti chip) is out of stock everywhere, lead time is around 50 weeks. What we are doing now is changing the design slightly, use another chip to replace the Ti one. The new design is being tested so we can make sure it will work the same. If everything goes well, we can assemble the next batch of the product next week and ship them soon.

Update 07-02-2021: The product is being made right now. But because of the shortage of a key component, the production will on pause for 3-5 days, so the shipment will be delayed again for a few days.

Update 06-23-2021: The factories in China and Taiwan are up and running, The very first batch of the products will be assembled and send to us this weekend. We will be able to fulfill a very small amount of orders starting the next week, and hopefully, we can ship all the remaining orders by July 10th.


Dear customers,

Hi, my name is Paddy, today I will explain the situation of our shipment department and why your order is still not shipped yet.

First of all, I apologize again for the delay and the inconvenience that followed. Due to the Covid outbreak in Taiwan, our parts suppliers in Taiwan have suspended their operation. The new lockdown policy in Guangzhou Province in China has led to the suspension of our assemble factory and distribution center.

The situation is far from what we can control, but we are doing our best to resume the operation of the facilities as soon as possible. The remaining orders should be able to be fulfilled in June.

Another reason for the manufacturing delay is we have had a minor update of the design, which will solve a power supply problem with certain cameras (mostly with Canon C200). So it's worth waiting!

Thanks for your patience and your trust! If you have any other concerns, feel free to contact us!


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