Regarding the recent delayed shipment (2020-12)

Update(01/10): There is a manufacturer that delayed delivery of the parts of our product, results in about 2 ~ 3days delay for the final product to be shipped. The next batch will be shipped around Thursday.

Update(01/04): The unshipped orders that created in December will be shipped around Jan 10th - 15th.

Update(12/28): Some of the US orders are on it's way to our US office as we want them to be shipped sooner and safer. They will be handed to USPS asap.

Update(12/17): We have fulfilled more than 50 orders today, the shipment is slowly backing to normal. 

Update(12/15): We have made some progress, most of the orders will able to be shipped in 5-7 business days.


Dear customers,

Hi, my name is Paddy, and I am the new staff of NKI, some of you may be talked with me already.

Today I will explain the situation of our shipment department and why your order is still not shipped yet.

First of all, I apologize again for the delay and the inconvenience that followed. Due to Covid-19, our supply-chain in China had a lot of unexpected issues, and that delayed the production of our beloved SolidPods. Then in the past few days, we can finally have your packages ready to be shipped from the factory, but the shipping companies changed some of their policies even paused their operations for a couple of days in China due to Covid-19.

But we tried our best to solve those problems, and now we can ship some of those packages depending on the destination countries and some other factors, but still, only a small partition of the package has been sent.

We are currently working with DHL, UPS, and FedEx in China to find the best ways to send everyone's package as soon as possible, we are very confident that we can solve those issues and fulfill all the remaining orders in a few days.

Thanks for your patience and your trust! If you have any other concerns, feel free to chat with me or send me an email from this website.


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